The Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program is an innovative component of the state’s education reform policies. The purpose of the initiative is to facilitate an income-eligible household’s ability to send their children (grades K-12) to a tuition-based school like Brebeuf Jesuit. The program is administered by state-certified Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) that award financial assistance to qualified students with funds raised through private contributions.

Brebeuf Jesuit is proud to have partnered with the Scholarships for Education Choice program: Sagamore Institute as its primary Scholarship Granting Organization. Gifts made through Sagamore Institute can be designated to Brebeuf Jesuit and will directly impact need-based aid for incoming or previously enrolled students.

In an effort to increase access to private education opportunities, SGOs are authorized to provide substantial income tax incentives in return for these scholarship donations. As part of the 2011 Choice Bill, Indiana residents and corporations are now eligible to receive a 50 percent state tax credit for all gifts made through an SGO. This allows donors to minimize state taxes paid and also qualifies for a federal tax deduction.

For example: If you are in the 30% federal income tax bracket, a $1,000 donation would be eligible for a $500 state tax credit, as well as a federal tax deduction. Therefore, the out of pocket cost of a $1,000 donation may be as little as $350.

For even more information, check out the SGO Frequently Asked Questions


Making Your SGO Donation

To Donate Cash Assets

SGO donations can be made via the printable/mailable form here, or by completing the online form below.

To Donate Stocks and Securities 

To facilitate donations of stocks and securities, it’s essential that either you or your broker complete the donation form at the Scholarship for Education Choice website linked here

For additional information, please contact Kristi Howard-Shultz, Director of Annual Giving, at 317.524.7046 or