The Student Advocate/Social Worker is a Master’s level social worker available to assist students in managing challenges.

Students can receive assistance with challenges such as as test anxiety, excess stress, concern about another student, discouragement, friendship issues, relationship break-ups, and adjusting to life transitions.

The Student Advocate/Social Worker is available for phone/email consultation or in-person meetings with parents related to concerns about their child. Additionally, a variety of student-led support groups are offered.

The Student Advocate/Social Worker is able to assess  depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc., and is available to see students for occasional crises or ongoing support during difficult times. If sessions with an outside counselor are needed, the Student Advocate/Social Worker offers help to families in finding a good match with a community professional.

Students and parents are welcome to stop by the Student Advocate/Social Worker’s office, located in the Counseling Center on the main floor, or contact her by phone or email. The right of students and parents to privacy and discretion is highly respected. Conversations with students and parents are confidential unless there is a significant safety risk involved or other agreements are reached.

Contact info:

Libby Pollak, MSW, LSW

Helpful Information For Students

Are you feeling too stressed out?

  • Signs of stress overload
  • Tips for “de-stressing …”

Depression Information

  • Are you or a friend just feeling “down” or is it depression?
  • How to help a friend