A rigorous, four-year leadership, service and academic program that meets weekly.

With a different theme assigned to each grade, the Ignatian Scholars Program challenges students to search within themselves in order to discover their natural leadership abilities and passions. 

Throughout this exploration, Scholars are exposed to: outside speakers who have achieved success in their chosen fields; community service to enrich their sense of purpose and fulfillment; Scholars are students who have demonstrated leadership skills during their middle school years.

This program is looking for outstanding students who have shown exceptional academic accomplishment and promise, fine character and leadership, significant involvement in extracurricular activities, a concern for their communities, and interest in the larger world.  

The Ignatian Scholars program is designed for students to participate in all four years. The general theme for each year is:

9th grade – Knowing Yourself

Within the year-long theme of “Knowing Yourself”, first year students will learn more about their talents, interests, and strengths through personality tests, engaging activities, and speakers that expose them to many fields of interest.

10th grade – Finding Your Passion

Second year scholars will learn about a variety of academic and career opportunities. Through research and group projects, students will develop critical thinking and communication skills, while discovering their passions.

11th grade – Living Your Passion

Third year scholars will be encouraged to take their area of interest (discovered during 10th grade) and delve more deeply into that field. Whether it be scientific research or community engagement, scholars will be mentored and encouraged to “live” their passions.

12th grade – Planning Your Future/Mentoring Others

Fourth year scholars will be focused on transitioning from high school to college and finding the perfect college or university that will allow them to further their goals. Additionally, fourth years will be involved in working with the first year scholars in a peer mentorship role.

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Ignatian Scholars FAQ

For more information about the Ignatian Scholars program, please contact Ignatian Scholars Coordinator, Winston Miller at wmiller@brebeuf.org.

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