The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is the standardized test used in the admission process by all of the Catholic high schools in Indianapolis.

Students must complete the High School Placement Test (HSPT) in order to be considered for admission to Brebeuf Jesuit.

Qualifying for Regular Admission

Prospective students must receive a composite score of 60 or above, or a score of 100 or better on the CSQ section of the test.

Early Admission Qualifying Test

Students who apply under Early Admission must submit all of their application materials by Monday, October 2, 2017, and will be notified of their admission decision prior to Thanksgiving.

Brebeuf Jesuit offers students the opportunity to take the HSPT prior to the fall of their 8th grade year in order to gain experience by taking the test early.  Those students who score a composite score of 80 or higher are eligible to apply for admission under Brebeuf Jesuit’s non-binding Early Admission Program.  A student’s score may be used for admission purposes at Brebeuf provided the student achieves the qualifying test score for the regular admissions cycle.  However, we do recommend most students consider taking the test a second time.

Qualifying for Early Admission

Prospective students must:

  • Have a qualifying score in the 80th percentile or above.
  • Complete the application process by the application deadline of October 2, 2017.

Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m. and students should arrive no later than 8:45 a.m., as the test will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m., lasting approximately three hours.

Students should bring two No. 2 pencils.  Calculators are not permitted.

A student requiring extended-time testing must contact the Admissions Office at or 317.524.7190 and submit the proper documentation at least one week prior to the test.

Results are mailed two to three weeks after the test has been administered.

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